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Companion Care

If immediate family is far away or there is relief needed from providing care for a loved one, our professional caregivers are here to offer companionship and assistance to adults and seniors. Knowing that your loved one is not alone, but has someone to share a meal or take a walk with, provides peace of mind. An older adult's quality of life is greatly enhanced by being socially engaged and mentally stimulated. If Alzheimer's or dementias is an issue, supervision provides the added security of knowing your loved one has help at home.

DeBestQuality caregivers assist in maintaining a client's lifestyle, schedules and routines, providing daily structure where needed. Our caregivers provide safety by assisting with routine transfers, toileting and mobility. Caregivers will monitor and record applicable vitals and provide medication reminders and record compliance. Furthermore, caregivers will monitor client's functioning and provide assistance and intervention in emergencies. Caregivers will work in conjunction with Home Health and Hospice Companies, provide relevant information to nurses, therapists and aides and follow their instructions. Services are provided within the legal boundaries of Companion Services. Whenever a limit is reached, clients and their families are advised of this. Education on appropriate services, referral to such services and assistance in obtaining them will be provided on request.

DeBestQuality's Companion Care services include:

  • Home Visits
    Available 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays, DeBestQuality qualified caregivers will be there to keep seniors mentally, emotionally and socially engaged. Conversation and stimulating activities that your loved one enjoys such as projects, reading, playing games aide in retaining cognitive functions as well as mental and emotional vitality. The goal is helping the elderly live independently longer and enjoy a higher quality of life in the comfort of their own home.

  • Correspondence Assistance
    Keeping in touch with family and friends is a tremendous boost to feeling connected. Assistance with correspondences, whether through writing letters or the use of email or social networks, will help your loved one maintain social interaction with the outside world.

  • Memory Assistance
    DeBestQuality caregivers are educated about Dementia and are fully trained in the care and management of sufferers of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's. Mental stimulation tactics help ward off early onset of such disorders and ensure that your loved one remains mentally active and alert.

  • Appointment and Scheduling Assistance
    Making and keeping doctor appointments or social engagements can be difficult for everyone when your loved one needs help getting around. DeBestQuality caregivers will be happy to help schedule and escort to and from all appointments.

  • Respite and Family Relief
    Short-term help is often needed after an illness or hospitalization. DeBestQuality provides the extra hands that relieve the added stress when a loved one has had a medical emergency or the family caregiver needs a much-deserved break. Trust DeBestQuality to provide the type of care that brings peace-of-mind to the entire family.

  • Services, Short and Long term
    It is important that the family has time off to avoid stress and burnout. DeBestQuality has qualified caregivers available to keep your loved one company while you take time for yourself. An evening out, a weekend away or a family vacation is possible when there is a trustworthy caregiver available to step in and help.

  • Individualized Service
    DeBestQuality will customize our care to suit the individual needs of your loved one. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to provide it for you. Again, we provide individualized services as indicate earlier including the following:

Peace of Mind Calls:  Every Morning & Evening we will call you or a loved one and talk for a few minutes, providing much needed human contact and care. During this time we will also listen for any serious problems and take appropriate steps to remedy them. If we do not get an answer when calling, we will call back 30 minutes later, if there is still no answer, we will check on the client physically to make sure they do not need medical attention or, in emergencies, take appropriate steps.
Sleep-Over Service:  Seniors who are independent and function well during the daytime hours are often concerned at night that something will happen and nobody is around to help. For those seniors, having a caregiver spend the night may be ideal. It will ensure the senior's safety but not take away their independence.
Sitter Services:  Sitter Services are available to clients in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted or independent living facilities or the client's home. Sitter Services are intended to provide peace of mind to families and clients during times a client needs immediate attention and help. During times of crisis, acute illnesses or prior to passing, clients benefit from individual, immediate attention around the clock. Sitter Services are scheduled in 12 hour shifts since caregivers cannot sleep during that time. Services are provided in a 50 mile radius of Atlanta and can be set up on short notice.
24/7 Live-in Care:  Services may be short or long term and require at least a 24 hour notice to be set up. Services are provided in a 50 mile radius of Atlanta.

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