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Frequently Asked Questions

A: In most cases, DeBestQuality Private Home Care services cost less than those in an assisted-living facility or an institutionalized home. We are able to customize our care to your loved one’s individual needs creating an economical package of care. That way you only pay for what is needed.

A: Compared to institutionalized care, DeBestQuality Private Home Care is an economical option to providing a quality service to your loved ones. Care packages can be organized according to your loved one’s individual needs. A free initial assessment interview will help determine exactly what care is necessary and that plan can be reviewed and updated as needs change. If a package plan is not necessary, then occasional care is billed out at an hourly rate. Contact us to learn about package prices and hourly rates.

A: DeBestQuality Private Home Care provides care for people who require additional help with their daily activities and prefer staying in their own homes to being institutionalized or relying on relatives. Elderly, those recovering from hospitalization, long-term disabled and new mothers, all can benefit from DeBestQuality Private Home Care. DeBestQuality Private Home Care also provides respite care when the family caregiver needs time off.

A: DeBestQuality Private Home Care services are presently available in twelve counties of Georgia- Cobb, Bartow, Douglas, Newton, Fulton, Franklin, Floyd, Clarke, Hall, Carroll, Paulding and DeKalb Counties.

A: All caregivers working for DeBestQuality are carefully interviewed and screened before coming into your home. We make every effort to make a good match between caregiver and client. Each caregiver is fully trained for the type of care they provide. Please view the Caregiver page for more details.

A: There are many reasons why choosing DeBestQuality Private Home Care is better than hiring an independent caregiver to care for your loved one. The main reason is that the person providing care is our employee and our responsibility. We carefully screen and train all our caregivers and are responsible for them being bonded and insured. There is no need to be anxious about care quality or the liability of having a stranger in your home. Another major reason is we take care of all taxes and Worker’s Compensation. You don’t have to deal with filing tax forms or worry about any of the legal issues involving the employment of a Caregiver.

A: We will meet with you for a free initial interview in your home. Once we have determined what your needs are, we can match you with a caregiver in a day or two. You will have the opportunity to meet with our selection to see if personalities match and once that is done, your caregiver will start coming to your home on your set schedule.

A: Yes, during the initial interview we will try to determine what your loved one’s needs are. Then we will try to match the right caregiver to your loved one’s requirements and personality. Once we have made our recommendation, you will have the opportunity to meet the caregiver yourself.

A: DeBestQuality Private Home Care has a large pool of excellent caregivers who are ready to step in if someone is sick or has an emergency. Vacations are scheduled in advance so we will have plenty of time to make replacement arrangements.

A: DeBestQuality Private Home Care caregivers are available to serve your loved one at home, in an assisted living facility, a nursing home or a long-term rehabilitation facility.

A: Medicare only covers acute skilled care for home care after hospitalization. For daily living functions there are some benefits available to certain groups, like war vets and their spouses. Ask us to look into what benefits are available for your situation.

A: Caregiver burnout is a real problem that family caregivers need to recognize and deal with. It is a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that comes from not getting the help needed when providing care for your loved one. It usually results from taking on too much and being spread too thin. Caregivers experiencing “burn out” suffer from fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. It affects attitudes and damages loving, caring relationships. It often results in physical illness and loss of time at work. Respite is absolutely necessary when you are a primary caregiver for a loved one. Talk with us at DeBestQuality to see how we can help.

A: Private pay involves payments directly made by our clients for the services rendered to them by DeBestQuality outside Medicare and Medicaid insurances. Here, DeBestQuality directly bills our client and/or our client’s responsible party per services performed. Arrangement of private pay services includes direct deposit from our client/responsible party’s bank account to DeBestQuality’s bank account. Again, the only difference is that DeBestQuality bills clients or their responsible party’s directly instead of billing their insurance. DeBestQuality Private Home Care fully accepts this type of payment option.

A: We service twenty (20) counties: Cobb, Bartow, Douglass, Newton, Fulton, Franklin, Floyd, Clarke, Hall, Carroll, Paulding, Dekalb, Polk, Haralson, Cherokee, Clayton, Gwinnett, Henry, Fayette and Rockdale counties.

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